Feel the Japanese cultural heritage, the spirit of shinobi


Ninjas are enormously popular to this day and an inevitable existence when speaking of the historical culture of Japan.We have prepared a plan for a ninja experience.We have prepared a plan for a ninja experience.Ninjas have bared the behind the scenes work of spying and collecting information using various techniques.They also played an important role behind the course of history.Ninjas have disappeared after the peace of the Tokugawa Shogunate, and currently, its knowledge and martial arts are being passed down in a handful of Ryuha or schools.


In this ninja experience plan, performers will demonstrate inherited martial arts that are passed down by their ancestors as a strictly confidential family tradition such as shuriken, blowpipe, meditation, and Kuji-kiri (nine symbolic cuts).
The ninjas will entertain you under the motto, “Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur.”
This is a plan enjoyable for not only adults but also for children.

  • You can wear real ninja outfits.

  • You can experience authentic performances
    by the ninjas.

  • You can learn about the weapons used
    by ninjas through a lecture.

  • You can wear ninja costumes.

  • You can learn about the weapons used
    by ninjas through a lecture.

  • You can take commemorative photos
    with real ninjas.

  • You can enjoy dynamic performance scenes.

  • Kunoichi or female ninjas
    will also perform.

  • See the techniques of expert ninjas
    with your own eyes

The art of dance, the traditional Japanese dance, performed in a private setting
by the odoriko or Japanese traditional dancing girls.


The dreamy moment of a different world will narrow the distance between the guests.
Nihon buyo is a generic name for traditional Japanese dance.The English term, dance, was translated in Japanese as bu at the beginning of the Meiji period. To make a distinction between western dance and traditional Japanese dance, people called the later buyo, and its name has flourished to this day.


Authentic Japanese traditional dancing girls who went through hard training will embellish the stage beautifully and bring more excitement to the scene with traditional Japanese dance that transcends the 400 years of history.The traditional Japanese dance is composed of three main elements - mai (expressive dance style), odori (energetic dance style), and furi (gestures and pantomime movements from kabuki dance). It mixes singing and music to sublimate as a graceful and delicate artwork.

Experiencing the elegance of Edo in an extraordinary private setting, in an elegant VIP room across from a gorgeous Japanese garden, is as if you have time leaped to the Edo period.Please indulge in the lively traditional Japanese dance by the dancing girls and the outstanding dinner as if you are a wealthy merchant or a local governor of the Edo period, and feel a touch of Japanese geisha district culture.

Different from the traditional Japanese dance performance at a Japanese-style restaurant or Japanese houseboat, the setting provided by Motenas Japan will enable you to establish a closer relationship with your important guests.