Combination of Bushi Warriors, Kabuki,
and Noh Performances

Feel the beauty in Japanese martial arts through dynamic performances.


Various martial arts exists in Japan since ancient times.Examples are karate and aikido that are highly popular in the world, swordsmanship which became a base for kendo, and jujutsu which is a predecessor of judo are some of the martial arts in Japan.
The performers will demonstrate the unique techniques and forms, body movements, residing beauty in the etiquette towards the opponent, and the outer beauty of the swords and gears used through unique performances.Moreover, by combining the samurai culture in tea ceremonies and noh play with the music by Japanese instruments, we are able to provide a hybrid of multiple traditional Japanese entertainments never seen before.


Compared to entertainment such as noh plays and kabuki at a formal setting,
this plan is highly entertaining and enjoyable
for a wide range of ages and nationalities.

Bushi Warriors

The source of "Bushido" is a philosophy concerning the three-way
reconciliation of Shinto, Confucianism and Buddhism,
The modern age is a wonderful spirit
that has been inherited to Japanese people.


The swordsmith which became the basis
of kendo is inherent in the specific technique, type, courtesy
Beauty, and even swords
and weapons to use are beautiful martial arts.

  • Japanese musical instrument

  • Tea ceremony

  • Noh

In Motenas Japan, we are planning to introduce a new traditional Japanese art
that is not caught in common sense and the service of "hospitality"
We will offer it in the form of "fusion of entertainment with Japanese culture". If you have any requests regarding services, we will arrange according to your budget, please feel free to contact us.